Unique Luxury Wedding Gifts

So it’s your favourite cousins wedding and you want to get her something extra special… that stands out from the rest, something she can treasure in the years to come. ….all this without having to take out a second mortgage!

If you are looking for that unusual but special luxury wedding gift – then look no further.

Kausaaya, a new company spearheaded by husband and wife team, Hiten and Priya, have created a vibrant and unique collection of handloom silks to adorn your home.  

And their collection of soft furnishing is coming to the Harrow and Brent Mela at the Harrow Leisure Centre on 29th and 30th September 2012. It’s worth popping down as they will be giving a discount of at least 20% on all their items.

Elegant table runners, serviettes, cushion covers, bedspreads, pillow cases and much more is on show in a wonderful hue of colours ranging from pomegranate red to peacock blue.  And each item is made up handloom silk that is embellished in gold trimmings with brocade evoking the rich heritage of Indian fabrics that go back to antiquity.

Handloom fabrics are considered the backbone of the textile industry in India and the sub-continent generally. Many handlooms are hundreds of years old with the craft passed down from generation to generation. Along with the skill of weaving, dyeing the fabric also forms an integral part of the process and many of the dyes are a family kept secret as are the knots and designs that go to make up the fabric. It is this skill of Indian weavers working with handlooms that is so highly priced by customers all around the world.

Kausaaya have cleverly blended the old with the new to bring to the British public a contemporary look befitting the lifestyle of many young couples.  Priya tells us that “Handloom silks are a perfect gift for the bride-to-be and the family, an unusual gift and one that they will remember. Our fabrics are of a very high quality, immaculately finished to meet the standards that we are so used to in the UK. These pieces are really works of art and each is individual, and will become a family heirloom to be treasured for many years”.

The patterns created by the weavers are indeed works of art, each unique and specific to that moment. Their colours are mesmerising, uplifting your mood on a cold and dreary day and enhance the mood when the sun is shining by increasing the light in the room. Kausaaya’s collection evokes the traditions of India and includes classic patterns such as the Paisley design and the crewel work so often associated with folk art. Contrasting the colours is another modern trick that they have applied to their collection. Hiten adds that they “were very keen to bring the Indian artistic heritage into the homes of the Brits in an unusual way – we feel that we are breaking ground by bringing affordable handloom soft furnishings to our discerning  customers here and in Europe.”

Harrow and Brent Mela

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2012
Doors open at 10am and close at 8pm

Harrow Leisure Centre
Christchurch Avenue
For more details on the upcoming exhibition of Kausaaya’s new collection at the Harrow Leisure Centre visit facebook.com/Kausaaya

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