Together in our Wedding – Rumi

A supreme thinker and visionary, Jalaludin Rumi is perhaps best known for his poetic verse. More and more of the weddings that I am either filiming or attending, are now giving Persian literature an arena to express our inner most feelings.

I hope to give you more of Rumi’s poems in the future, but for now, I want to start with my favourite; “Together in our wedding”. This poem appears in the collection: Rumi, Past and Present, East and West and is translated by Franklin D. Lewis

Together in our wedding

May the blessings which flow in all weddings
be gathered, God, together in our wedding!

The blessings of the Night of Power,
the month of fasting
the festival to break the fast

the blessings of the meeting of Adam and Eve
the blessings of the meeting of Joseph and Jacob
the blessings of gazing on the paradise of all abodes

and yet another blessing which cannot be put in words:
the fruitful scattering of joy
of the children of the Shayak
and our eldest!

In companionship and happiness
may you be like milk and honey
in union and fidelity,
just like sugar and halva.
anoint the ones who said Amen and
the one who said the prayer.


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