Private Viewing Room


We have set up samples for videography, photography, makeup, hairand henna on our YouTube Channel

Only some of our samples are public, the majority of our clients prefer we don’t make their wedding portfolios publicly available on the web; however a number are happy for you to see clips and photos from their wedding if not publicly shared.

In order to view our private videos you simply need to Log in to YouTube, then go to our channel and become our “Friend”.

When we receive your request we can then give you access to the private videos.

Don’t have a YouTube Account?

To create an account with YouTube, you need to sign up to a Google account as YouTube is now owned by Google.

If you already have a Google Account then you can go directly to YouTube and sign in with your Google Account details.

If you do not have a Google Account then go to YouTube at

Click Create Account [top right corner of page] and follow the instructions

Once you have signed in to YouTube, then go to our YouTube channel and become our “Friend”.

Once we get an email request from YouTube, we will give you access to the other private videos.

If you have any issues accessing our YouTube Channel or Videos please do let us know

What’s Next?

If you like what you see in the Private Viewing Room, the prudent thing would be to get in touch as soon as you can to tentatively block off dates. As Asian weddings tend to have a number of events over different days, the sooner we know your dates the more likely it is we can accommodate them. We can then discuss your plans and how to make the most of your budget.

Call us on 0845 468 1609 or email us.

Wedding Planning Guide

If you’re exploring your options and looking for wedding ideas and inspiration, or need to find a wedding venue, a wedding caterer or a wedding dress, you’ll find it in our Wedding Planning Guide.  You’ll also find  lists of links to Mosques and Temples, information on religious ceremonies, song lists, wedding cakes , decorations, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, the list goes on….if you’ve thought of it, so have we.

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