Muslim Wedding Videographer

muslim wedding videographer

Meet our Muslim Wedding Videographer Team

Every Muslim Wedding Videographer on our team specialises in filming the various cultural and religious traditions of a muslim wedding ceremony. Each Muslim Muslim Videographer in our team is very much placed within the community and approaches each Muslim wedding with cultural sensitivities in mind. We provide both female videographer and male videographer crews that can cover segregated Mehndi’s, Nikkah’s and Walima’s.

Producing an Muslim wedding video requires the videographer to be efficient and fully versed technically and artistically. We need to be agile, swift, skilful and above all compassionate at recording key events. Equally it is important to record what the couple would want in their wedding film as well as what the parents would want – both require different approaches and it falls to the videographers to be able to please both parties and ensure that what they wish to be recorded appears in the final wedding DVD

Our Muslim Wedding Videographer Team

Female Videographer

Sultana approaches each wedding as an event that is personal to her. She says that “I love filming Asian Weddings and as I am a Muslim, I have a greater understanding of their needs and what and how they want to be filmed, so I always work from the point of view that it’s one of my family that’s getting married! And it works for me as I feel I get better results and there is less stress all around” Read more about Sultana, our female muslim wedding videographer

Male Videographer

A good Asian Wedding videographer can make or break your memories. Shamim has been producing Asian wedding videos now for over thirty years. “It’s important to me that both the families receive the highest quality service as it’s a memory that would be cherished by them, their children and grandchildren. You can tell so much how things have changed in Asian Videography. Twenty years ago we would produce an Asian wedding video on a two machine edit which would mean that we would be editing for over 4 months on any one film, now that time is practically a quarter of that. We can now produce a high quality DVD within 6 to 8 weeks including copies, leaving the customer much more satisfied — this pleases me immensely as when I film a wedding, the family and the couple become like a family for me so it’s important that I am able to give them the best that I can.” Read more about Shamin, our male muslim wedding videographer

For large weddings we can also bring in additional muslim wedding videographers both male and female.

Filmed in High Definition, your wedding video is produced to the highest quality, and can be edited in a style and to the music of your choice.

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