Henna and Mehndi Artists

Henna and Mehndi Artists

Henna and Mehndi Crew

Our Henna and Mehndi Artists have an excellent repertoire of mehndi designs and patterns ranging from intricate North Indian and Pakistan mehndi styles, including North African and Arabic mehndi. With over 20 years of experience collectively in creating original mehndi designs, our henna and mehndi artists deliver a high class service for the Asian Bride on her henna night and mehndi party.

Mehndi design is central to the embellishment and beautification for any Asian Bride and our Henna and Mehndi Crew are at hand to offer that perfect look.  

With extensive training and a natural skill and passion for our henna and mehndi, our Mehndi Artists   aim to provide culturally specific services, catering to various religious and traditional weddings, such as Mehndi parties, Engagement parties, Civil weddings, Churrah, Sangeet, Mayaan, Nikahs and Walimas.

In addition, our team is also able to provide good advice on the preparation for Mehndi Design, including guidance on types of Mehndi you should consider through to advice on the perfect timing for when the Mehndi should applied so that your exclusive Mehndi Design will look at its best, making you sparkle and shine as all Bride’s should on their wedding day.

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Meet our Henna and Mehndi Artists

Ayesha Virk

Ayesha Virk has embellished and decorated over a hundred Brides with her unique approach to Mehndi Designs that she has garnered over the years. She excels in intricate North Indian and Pakistani Mehndi Designs and her extensive knowledge has led her to incorporate Arabic Henna designs, North African designs, especially Sudanese and Somalian Henna Designs.

She says that “Mehndi Designs are like tapestries and you have to ensure that you are using the proper material so that you can produce the best results. If you want to have very fine lines which won’t spread and smudge then you have to have the best henna to work with. I love to see the intricate patterns develop as I decorate the hands”.

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Noor-ul-ain Azaz

Noor-ul-ain Azaz started as a Mehndi artist at a very young age. Noor works quickly and creates elaborate Mehndi designs which have left many of her clients extremely satisfied.  

Noor can produce Henna Designs and patterns specific to what you desire and is able to produce Mehndi Designs that span many continents such as African Henna designs, Arabic Mehndi Designs or Indian or Pakistani Mehndi Designs. Noor likes to use a specific type of Mehndi which she orders directly from Delhi in India. Noor says that “As a Mehndi artist, I like to use the best material as I have the opportunity to make someone feel special. I love working with all sorts of people and being given hands has a canvas – so many shapes, sizes and shades – it’s just magical.”

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