Female Wedding Photographer

Female Wedding Photographer

Shurjahan Begum – Female Wedding Photographer

Shurjahan Begum has excelled as a Female Wedding Photographer in Manchester and Oldham in the past few years. Known affectionately as Shury, Shurjahan is technically proficient and creatively inventive. Coming from a family where everyone is passionate about photography, it was natural that Shurjahan would take on Asian Wedding Photography as her passion.


Shurjahan says “I am extremely passionate in what I do. Its early days for me as a Professional Female Wedding Photographer, I’ve been doing it for  a couple of years now, but yet I feel I’ve been doing this for decades. I absolutely enjoy every moment with every new bride and groom. I love watching a new beginning of two people in love who are starting a whole new life together, it’s so sweet. It is also a beautiful experience meeting new people and different cultures that’s fascinating for me personally”.   

Working on a Canon 5D Mark2 Camera, Shurjahan provides a specialist service of Female Wedding Photographer in Manchester and in the Midland and North of England, producing intimate and excellent digital photographs that you will cherish for many years to come.  

Shurjahan states that “I have always enjoyed taking pictures and also tremendously enjoy looking at inspiring pictures. It was more the frustration of finding a female photographer that bought me to the attention of families. There were endless conversations in female gatherings that there are not many female photographers available, especially when there are so many segregated weddings and many religions and cultures. Plus every girl wants amazing photos on their special day. It’s a memory of a lifetime for them to hold on to, but unfortunately a lot miss out because there are a lot more male photographers around which they don’t feel comfortable to take some of the pictures”.  

Shurjahan lives in Oldham with her husband and three children, leading a blissful married life whilst following her passion for Asian Wedding Photography.