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female videographer

Female Videographer and Editor – Sultana Akhtar

Working with people in a culturally specific surrounding is where Sultana shines. Her skills as a female videographer are a natural gift that she’s cultivated for the last 20 years within the Asian videography scene.

With diplomas in film studies under her belt, Sultana started out in her local area of Reading and Slough and soon built a reputation for delivering high quality wedding video films and through word of mouth built her portfolio. Sultana has specialised in filming Asian wedding videography, in particular Muslim weddings, videoing engagements, Mehndi nights and Dholki parties, arrival of Baraat’s, Nikha ceremonies, rukhsati, Walima and registriy weddings.

Sultana approaches each wedding as an event that is personal to her. She says that “I love filming Asian Weddings and as I am a Muslim, I have a greater understanding of their needs and what and how they want to be filmed, so I always work from the point of view that it’s one of my family that’s getting married! And it works for me as I feel I get better results and there is less stress all around”

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Sultana has worked alongside renowned Asian videographers and gradually built up her portfolio as she soon realised the importance a female videographer plays in Asian weddings; “when I started, there were just one or two visible female videographers but slowly we are being recognised for our skills and our abilities to enter personal spaces that are the domain of women and where women feel comfortable with female technicians”

Sultana has filmed Muslim weddings, as well as Hindu, Sikh and Christian weddings both in the UK and abroad. The regions that she covers are London, Reading, Slough, Coventry, Birmingham and Manchester. Her flexible approach means that she is willing to travel to anywhere in the UK

Over the years, Sultana has developed a very intimate style, with the Bride and Groom and their families welcoming her open and supportive attitude, especially as the families invest so much in the wedding that it’s imperative that the key and important moments are well documented. Sultana says that “every Bride and her immediate family want to look the best and have their attire fully recorded – it’s very important that I do this as it’s a keepsake for many generations to come. The most important element is ensuring that there is enough footage of the Bride and Groom in all their glory”

Sultana’s experience of working with different families has led her to develop the required styles from traditional to the modern to the very latest styles. She meets with families and couples and agrees on how to film and what to film. “I find that if I have a consistent point of contact, then everything will work out smoothly. I like to ensure that what the Bride or Groom or their families feel is important to film is a priority; so I will work from an agreed itinerary such as arrival times, what needs to be filmed at home and at the wedding hall etc. I then follow this up with requests for musical tracks of choice and agree the order of songs from the preferred song for the introduction through to the departure of the bride. I do enjoy the editing process although it is a lengthy one! Depending on how much I have shot it can take up to 2 months to deliver the final approved DVD’s. I think that producing wedding films is a very fulfilling process where I witness such happiness where two people have come together to be together for ever and to see the joy on the faces of their families – I am particularly moved when I see the bride being given so much love by her brothers and sisters”

Coming soon a full length interview with Sultana by Red Amber Productions

Our female videographers specialise in filming the various cultural and religious traditions of the wedding ceremony. We also work with male Asian wedding videographers for segregated Muslim weddings. Among others, we film Civil weddings, Nikahs, Walimas, Engagement parties, Mendhi parties, Churrah, Sanjeet and Majvaan.

Filmed in High Definition, your wedding video is produced to the highest quality, and can be edited in a style and to the music of your choice.

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