Female Photographer

female photographer

Nabila Mujassam – Female Photographer

Asian Wedding Photography has part of Nabila Mujassam life now for over 15 years; she started professionally as a female photographer catering for Asian Weddings when she turned 30.

Before becoming a professional female photographer, being a mother of two, Nabila had the responsibility of a young family and thus her passion was limited to taking photographs at family functions. As her passion grew, she sought out teachers already working in the competitive field of wedding photography. Working with veterans such as Mr Virdee, a Wildlife photographer in East Africa, now settled in the UK, she excelled rapidly in new techniques.  

Nabila then started exploring graphic programmes where she learnt to produce exquisite storybook and prints. She says that “I wanted to specialise as a female photographer, providing an exclusive service for Mehndi Nights or segregated events. Although I will photograph any Asian wedding as I love a good wedding, the demand for female photographers is growing”
Nabila has worked on over a hundred weddings, using a variety of photographic techniques. Staying ahead of the game, her geeky-ness and passion for Asian photography and exploring new equipment and techniques hold her in good stead.  Apart from weddings, Nabila has also ventured into photographing models and events such as conferences and public meetings, but her passion lies with wedding photography. Nabila states that “I love exploring new photographic mediums, especially those that will give me excellent and fast results. I think that new techniques help, whether you are creating the traditional look or a contemporary look”.

Nabila lives in West London, with her husband and two children, balancing a married life and following her passion for Asian Wedding Photography.