Super Foods for the Bride-to-be

Super foods

Organising your wedding can be a stressful time. And chances are that you are running yourself ragged! While you take care of each detail from booking your venue, at food tasting sessions or sorting out the staging, table setting, and million other things, the likelihood is that you’re neglecting your health.

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Calling all Bridal Makeup Artists’!

asian bridal makeup courses

Asian Bridal Makeup Course
with the celebrated Asian Bridal MUA, Asma Meer

Calling all Bridal Makeup Artist’s! Are you looking to improve your skills, learn new styles and acquire fresh knowledge on Asian Bridal Makeup? Or are you just starting out and want some hands on experience of Asian Makeup?    

We are offering the chance to learn from the renowned Asian Bridal Makeup Artist Asma Meer who has put together a one day course where her personal attention to your training will help you reap the benefits straight away!

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Unique Luxury Wedding Gifts

So it’s your favourite cousins wedding and you want to get her something extra special… that stands out from the rest, something she can treasure in the years to come. ….all this without having to take out a second mortgage!

If you are looking for that unusual but special luxury wedding gift – then look no further.

Kausaaya, a new company spearheaded by husband and wife team, Hiten and Priya, have created a vibrant and unique collection of handloom silks to adorn your home.  

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Wedding Shoes for the Asian Bride

Wedding shoes by Unze

At Red Amber, we love Asian Bridal Wedding Shoes be they Sandals, Court Shoes, Wedding Mules or Couture. All Brides are aware that the Bridal shoe is one of the key details for completing the look. Feminine, delicate, flattering silhouettes come to mind when visualising Bridal wedding shoes.

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Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion Week 2012 - image copyright Pakistan Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion Week 25-27 May 2012

The Pakistan Fashion Week  is back with a spectacular show featuring over 30 leading and emerging Asian designers who continue to break new ground in South Asian fashion.

The event kicks off on Friday 25th May 2012 at the Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall, closing on the night of Sunday 27th May 2012. Founder and Creative Director Adnan Ansari and team promise to bring an outstanding collection of new and unseen creations.  

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Together in our Wedding – Rumi

A supreme thinker and visionary, Jalaludin Rumi is perhaps best known for his poetic verse. More and more of the weddings that I am either filiming or attending, are now giving Persian literature an arena to express our inner most feelings.

I hope to give you more of Rumi’s poems in the future, but for now, I want to start with my favourite; “Together in our wedding”. This poem appears in the collection: Rumi, Past and Present, East and West and is translated by Franklin D. Lewis

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Asian Wedding Planners needed for BBC2 Wedding Planners Documentary

Muslim Wedding Video London

BBC2 needs your Asian wedding!

Your wedding could be documented on a BBC Documentary Series on Asian Wedding Planners in production from now until mid-July. The series will be transmitted in a prime time slot on BBC2 later this year or early 2013. It has been commissioned by BBC Religion and Ethics.

The Series aims to document an intelligent understanding and insight into the practices, customs and traditions within each Culture and Religion and in turn allow an insight into contemporary multi-cultural British life.  The series will document the planning of two to three weddings and the actual event itself. Continue reading →

History of Asian Videography

History of Asian Videography in the UK

By Sultana Akhtar, Female Videographer

Over the last three decades the changes being witnessed in Asian wedding videos have been astounding! Wedding DVDs are now highly polished, sophisticated, whilst delivering a very personal memory for the Bride and Groom and their families.

As an Asian Videographer looking back over the decades, making a wedding film was itself a concept ahead of its time. Often family members who had an interest in photography or film would have the latest equipment and were asked to take photographs or film the event.

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A journey into Asian Weddings

asian wedding

The evolution of Asian Weddings

Looking back over time, it is astonishing how weddings have evolved in different parts of the world. We have witnessed the phenomenal expansion and diversity of Asian Wedding Videography and its growth from being an interest of amateurs to that of highly trained and skilled professional teams.

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10 Top Tips to find the perfect Wedding Venue

Asian Wedding Venues

GREAT Wedding Venues are notoriously difficult to find and decide upon. Once your wedding day has been set, the race is on to find the ideal venue. Invariably, time, availability and budget will decide for you.

To make sure your wedding venue meets your expectation, follow these simple steps:

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