Asian Wedding Videographer

asian wedding videographer

Asian Wedding Videographer – M Shamim

A good Asian Wedding videographer can make or break your memories. Shamim has been producing Asian wedding videos now for over thirty years. His distinct style is intimate and glamorous. Over the years his intros have been the stuff of legend – starting out with blooming buds and valleys of lush vegetation and flowing rivers intermingled with images of the bride and groom, he leaves a lasting impressions with the viewer feeling utterly romantic and emotional. His style has evolved and become more sophisticated as technology has allowed him to be much more innovative and experimental. His editing and filming style now is very much appreciated and is indicative of how his clients’ tastes and styles have changed, heavily influencing his Asian videography style.

With well over a thousand wedding videos under his belt, Shamim works with a crew of up to four Asian Wedding videographers to cover large wedding events and at the same time he can film an entire wedding himself showing that he is adept as accommodating small to mid-range weddings and occasions. In recent years, the need for female videographers has grown which led Sultana to form her own company, Red Amber Productions. It was only natural for her to invite Shamim to join her in the quest to provide high quality Asian wedding videography.

Some weddings require a multiple of camera operators that are necessary to produce a dense and robust collection of images; Shamim tells us that “it depends on your budget and what you want – often I find the simplest weddings the most fulfilling but there have been large weddings which I have thoroughly enjoyed as the need for a large crew was necessary given the size of the weddings. Every parent wants the best for their child on their wedding day and producing the perfect video is part of their dream – it’s what they work for – and as families have established themselves, they are able to give a lot of to their son or their daughter on their most important day and want to fulfil their every wish. I have seen how emotional parents are on the wedding day – it’s all about making their children happy and I feel proud to be a part of that”.  

It is this passion and sincerity that has led Amber Productions to team up with the Shamim to add to the stable of highly dedicated and accomplished Asian videographers, photographers, Henna and Makeup Artists.

Shamim continues to improve his skills and is passionate and geeky to say the least as he’s a collector of the latest camera and editing equipment.  Working day and night, Shamim’s relationship with the video camera and editing is well-known. His editing is smooth as are his shots. He ensures that every considerable situation is recorded and edited proficiently. His titles have evolved over time from Persian style imagery to slick modern day Bollywood trailers and he cuts according to the taste of his customers. His production of the DVDs and covers are sought after and it’s known that the DVDs produced by him seldom suffer glitches.

“It’s important to me that both the families receive the highest quality service as it’s a memory that would be cherished by them, their children and grandchildren. You can tell so much how things have changed in Asian Videography. Twenty years ago we would produce an Asian wedding video on a two machine edit which would mean that we would be editing for over 4 months on any one film, now that time is practically a quarter of that. We can now produce a high quality DVD within 6 to 8 weeks including copies, leaving the customer much more satisfied – this pleases me immensely as when I film a wedding, the family and the couple become like a family for me so it’s important that I am able to give them the best that I can.”

Our Asian Wedding Videographers specialise in filming the various cultural and religious traditions of the wedding ceremony. We also work with female videographers for segregated Muslim weddings. Among others, we film Civil weddings, Nikahs, Walimas, Engagement parties, Mendhi parties, Churrah, Sanjeet and Majvaan.

Filmed in High Definition, your wedding video is produced to the highest quality, and can be edited in a style and to the music of your choice.

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