Asian Wedding Video

Asian Wedding Video

The Asian wedding video has evolved gradually over the last thirty years into a state-of-the-art digital medium that we know today.

At Red Amber the production of Asian wedding videos is carried out on sophisticated high definition video cameras, where our Asian videographers are able to capture wedding events in even the most challenging lighting conditions.  

Our Asian wedding videography teams are an accomplished bunch to say the least. They consider Asian videography to be an important element of what it means to be a British Asian today.  We provide both female videographer and male videographer teams. Each Asian videographer in our team is very much placed within the community and approaches each Asian wedding with cultural sensitivities in mind.

Every Asian wedding video we produce is of a high definition quality that includes a stylish menu, opening title sequence that captures the highlights of all the wedding events in a short sequence with the music of your choice.

Your wedding day is just the start of the process; we spend many hours culminating into weeks in the editing suite, turning the raw footage into memories that you can cherish with your loved ones forever.

Once our Asian wedding videographers have captured the wedding events, all the footage is handed over to our video editors to start the process of creating an unforgettable wedding video.

After your wedding we will be in touch to discuss editing styles, song choices and any titles you want to appear on the DVD. Once we have your preferences we add your video to the queue and as soon as one of our male or female editors is ready we assign them your video.

As we film weddings all year round, we have a constant stream of videos to edit, so turn around for your video can be anything to 5 months to 7 months in peak season.

The editor sets about creating the title sequence with a title track chosen by you and then the footage is edited to further selected music. Our male and female wedding video editors take great care and work with due diligence to ensure that all vital elements are incorporated into the edit, making certain the edit is of a high quality.

On approval of the draft edit, our wedding video editors put the finishing touches to the wedding video by laying a menu of scene selection, along with a printed DVD and DVD inlay and cover, producing copies of the DVD for the Couple and their families.  

To complete the picture, we offer our clients the opportunity to add photographs of loved ones by creating montages to music with images supplied to us. In addition, we can also add home videos filmed on camcorders to the final wedding DVD.

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