Gift Registry

As an Asian bride, no doubt you will be most gracious and thankful for any wedding gifts you receive, but let’s be honest, how many toasters and saucepan sets does a newly wed couple really need.  From the guest’s perspective, buying a wedding gift isn’t easy either, so for the benefit of both parties you should consider having a wedding gift list.

Many department stores, online stores and charities, provide a Wedding Gift Registry service, where the bride and groom can choose the things they like and their guests can go and purchase.  Following is a list of Wedding Gift Registries we at Red Amber suggest you check out.

Gift RegistriesCharity RegistriesHoneymoon Registries

Gift Registries
House of Fraser
John Lewis
Wedding Shop

Charity Registries
Child Hospice
Give It
Global Giving
Woodland Trust

Honeymoon Registries
Buy Our Honeymoon
Honey Fund
Honeymoon Wishes
Not Another Toaster
Travel Counsellors
Send Us Packing

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