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Asian Wedding Videography Team

Our Asian wedding videography teams are an accomplished bunch to say the least. They consider Asian videography to be an important element of what it means to be a British Asian today.  We provide both female videographer and male videographer teams. Each Asian videographer in our team is very much placed within the community and approaches each Asian wedding with cultural sensitivities in mind.

Our Asian wedding videographers are apt at dealing with any challenges and complications that may occur whilst filming a wedding. They have an aptitude that enables them to make sense of any difficulties that arise such as delays that inevitably have a domino effect on how the day proceeds. Keeping both the Bride and Groom’s families happy with what is being recorded becomes crucial as its imperative that each moment is documented.   

Producing an Asian wedding video requires the videographer to be efficient and fully versed technically and artistically. We need to be agile, swift, skilful and above all compassionate at recording key events. Equally it is important to record what the couple would want in their wedding film as well as what the parents would want – both require different approaches and it falls to the videographers to be able to please both parties and ensure that what they wish to be recoded appears in the final wedding DVD.

Our Asian videographer will work with the families by meeting with the either the Bride or Groom and in some cases, the families well in advance to get to know their likes and dislikes. We explain to them the importance of time, especially when it comes to group shots and making sure that key members of the family are present and recorded. We suggest that a reliable member of the family be present and inform the team of a key moment. We also explain the importance of plenty of time being allocated for filming and photographing of the portraits of the bride and groom and that a separate room be set aside for this. We cannot emphasis enough that time needs to be put aside for this key moment as it will ensure that crucial portraits of the Bride and Groom – this ensures that a re-staging for the photography and videography does not become necessary.

Our Asian Videographer Team

Sultana, our female videographer has filmed Muslim weddings, as well as Hindu and Sikh weddings both in the UK and abroad. Over the years, Sultana has developed a very intimate style, with the Bride and Groom and their families welcoming her open and supportive attitude, especially as the families invest so much in the wedding that it’s imperative that the key and important moments are well documented.

Shamim, our male Asian videographer, has excelled in recording Asian weddings for the past 30 years in his endeavour to produce the highest quality of Asian wedding videography. As our male Asian Videographer, he effortlessly records and delivers timeless Asian Wedding videos.

Izhar, our Asian Wedding Videographer, his understanding of all aspects of Asian Wedding Videography is a great source of reassurance for clients. “At the pre-wedding meeting we sit down and discuss the day in detail, locations, venues, who will be where, key moments to be captured. Having done so many weddings it’s great to be able to share that knowledge with the clients to make their day extra special.”

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