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asian photographer

Digpal Singh – Asian Photographer

Digpal Singh our latest Asian Photographer can easily be described as a passionate photographer and artist. His eagerness and desire to engage with the world around him is infectious and can clearly be seen in the photographs that he takes. It is this passion that landed Digpal the ‘Paryavaran Mitra’ Photography prize awarded by the Government of India.

We are very pleased at Red Amber Production and proud to have Digpal on our team of Asian wedding photographers. With an extensive portfolio in Fashion and Art photography, Digpal brings an additional dimension to the styles and services that we provide. Since launching into this field, Digpal explained that his enthusiasm for wedding photography was born out of a project he had embarked on where he explored the notion of relationships and difference. “I feel good when I see other people getting married to spend the rest of their life together. I think it is a great commitment and as an artist I understand that.  I am an Artist first and foremost. Each assignment I take I take it from that point of view. Particularly wedding photography as it’s such an important day for any person.”

Before coming to the UK, Digpal had undertaken an historical photography project for his own city Sirohi in Rajasthan. He worked with His Highness Maharaja Kunwar of Sirohi and this project helped him explore new methods of photography. The impressive landscapes of Rajasthan have clearly shaped Digpal’s visual sensibility as he hones in on details whilst letting the background having an equal presence.

Since coming to the UK, Digpal has worked in a number of areas with his photography. In addition to wedding photography, Digpal also holds an extensive portfolio of fashion and art photography. Recently Digpal graduated with a Masters Degree in Art in Photography from Rochester University. “I learned the basics of photography from my father – I am very interested in the art of photography and what can be said with an image, which is just one moment in many but that moment says so much that cannot be spoken. I learnt at an early age to look and see and celebrate difference, where ever that may be. I love meeting new people and to be very honest I love meeting new families, I am a family guy and all the weddings that I have done, their family consider me as their own  so in short I am not working as a wedding photographer I am working to spread my family.”

Digpal’s talent and approach to each client leaves them confident that their wedding day and event will be captured at the highest quality and thoroughly documented. “Asian wedding photography is heading towards a very bright and glamorous future, many people now are spending a lot of time and effort in making wedding photography central to their wedding day by giving it the importance and a main platform in their lives. It makes me happy that every couple that I photograph does feel like a star and when they look back at their photographs, that is exactly what they will see.”